Welcome to Example Federation

Elizabeth GoldieFederation Chairman

Welcome to the Gloucestershire Federation

Welcome to Gloucestershire Federation of Women’s Institutes, a large group of institutes, stretching alongside both sides of the River Severn. We have been in existence since 1919 and now have around 130 active WIs and over three thousand members.

The Institutes vary greatly in character and size, they are a mix of urban and rural, some were formed early in the twentieth century others much more recently. Our membership shows a similar range of age and interest, there is something for everyone. One thing we all have in common is that we are all members of the National Federation of WIs, the largest women’s organisation in the UK. With headquarters in London and run on democratic lines we have a voice in the corridors of power. Being non-political and non-
sectarian with charitable status increases our impartiality.

As members of NFWI we are also members of ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) with branches in 70 countries. In turn this gives us a strong voice in international affairs particularly at the UN. We campaign vigorously on all sorts of issues put forward by our members, for instance we started ‘Keep Britain Tidy’. Later issues have centred on protecting the planet, health and
other topical issues. Our charitable status is particularly referenced to the education of women and we focus on this and their wellbeing. We are helped in all of this by having access to our own college, Denman, which is also open to non-members male and female.

Our base is WI House in Gloucester, which is managed by our Federation secretary, Lindsay Gow. From there trustees and committee members put on a wide variety of events enabling members with similar interests from around the county to get together. We are always happy to welcome new members and new ideas. Inclusivity is one of our by-words.

You can find information on this site of the Federation events, our campaigns and our Institutes and also how to contact us.
If you are thinking of joining us, welcome and I hope to see you soon.

Liz Goldie
Federation Chairman

GFWI Charity number: 229211