Stunning Poppy Display by Toddington WI

Many moons ago, Toddington WI, to celebrate anniversary of the end of WW2, decided to knit poppies to go around the Toddington roundabout. It was going to be a project in readiness for their 75th birthday, then lockdown happened and it became their Lockdown Project giving the ladies something to concentrate on, discuss and a chance to occasionally see someone (albeit only at their gate dropping off extra balls of wool!).

As lockdown continued, so the number of poppies grew and they came up with the idea of making a cloak. One of the ladies made a purple poppy wreath which was attached to the horse. A local metal work artist (Ed Alvis) had already made the solider and placed him on Toddington roundabout. Ed was asked if the cloak could be hung from the solider, and the ladies of the WI mentioned they were knitting some purple poppies in memory of the horses and animals that died. Ed was also asked if he could make a WI sign celebrating their 75 years. He did a superb job, and the horse was amazing. His mum (Nancy) was a WI member of Toddington from its beginning and an active member throughout her life.

After making the cloak there were poppies left over so they were added to some camouflage netting which was attached to the horse. Attention then moved to the War Memorial opposite; again the ladies rose to the occasion and there are two rows of poppies going around the plinth.

The response from the public has been unsurprisingly positive, and the installation has moved some to tears; it is an emotional and  fitting tribute to the fallen.


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