Following the Board of Trustees Meeting of 20th March 2024, and the GFWI Annual Council Meeting on 23rd March 2024, the following positions are now being held:

Federation Chair - Liz Goldie

Federation Treasurer - Kathy Law

Vice Chairs - Sheila Rowley and Sue Davies

Assistant Treasurer - Wendy Custerson

Sub-committee Chairs

Homes, Crafts and Gardens - Pat Carpenter

Leisure - Wendy Custerson

Public Affairs - Mary Mullen

Marketing & Publicity - Sheila Rowley

Non-committee Roles

Health & Safety - Anne Course

Safeguarding - Lorna Farbowski

Federation Archivist - Sheila Rowley

GF News Editor - Anne Course

New Speaker Co-ordinator - Sue Davies

Social Media Co-ordinator - Louise Parker

Website Editor - Lorna Farbowski

Catering Co-ordinator - Lorna Farbowski

The roles of Publicity Officer and ACWW Representative will be covered by members of the Marketing and Public Affairs Committees respectively.




Janice Cole - Federation Chairman

Liz Goldie - Federation Treasurer,  Marketing & Publicity Committee Chairman
Maggie Vinson - Federation Vice Chairman
Sheila Rowley - County Archivist and Federation Vice Chairman
Viv Woodger - Publicity Officer
Pat Stephens - Assistant Treasurer
Pat Beard - Public Affairs Committee Chairman
Wendy Custerson - Sport & Leisure Committee Chairman
Judith Dodd - ACWW Representative
Kathy Law - GF Newsletter Editor, Digital Team Member
Sue Davies - Yearbook/New Speakers Coordinator
Pat Carpenter - Health & Safety Officer, and Homes, Craft & Gardens Committee Chairman
Lorna Farbowski - Website Editor