Leisure Committee

The Leisure Committee is responsible for organising events from archery to horse racing, from bowls to walks and much, much more. The other main area of responsibility is the arranging of, and escorting on, holidays in the UK and (sometimes far, far) beyond.


As the bright spring days move swiftly into early summer there are more chances to enjoy the 
weather with some like-minded WI friends.

The Isle of Wight holiday was a great success, and plans are afoot for the next trip. The county walks take place (usually on a Saturday) in most months, and there is probably one not too far from you - a lovely lunch is often included too. There are quizzing, scrabble and skittles tournaments underway, and croquet taster sessions over the summer. For those considering a career as Maid Marion or Robin Hood, there are a couple of archery sessions being planned (one daytime and one evening) to take place near Cowley Manor in the early autumn.

For those in need of retail therapy there will be another exclusive event at John Lewis in Cheltenham in early November.

(Yes, it's early, but as we are here ...) The Christmas Concert will be a welcome opportunity to sit back a relax whilst listening to some beautiful music and voices.




Trailblazing Committee ex-Chair Rose has recently celebrated a significant birthday and, to mark the occasion in style, has completed a tandem jump at the former site at RAF Old Sarum; she used to be in Bomber Command and was trained in photographic interpretation whilst attached to a photographic reconnaissance squadron. The actual birthday was spent doing a taxi ride in a Lancaster Bomber!!